Adam Pope

Adam provides the technical overview for all of our projects. As a perfectionist, his meticulous nature make him the perfect steer to any technical implementation. Adam acts as our internal sign-off. Nothing technical is released to a client without his attention.

When he isn’t crafting masterpieces on the web he is knocking them up in the kitchen, his legendary curry being an office mainstay here at Storm.

Adam was recently named as one of South West Business Insider’s 42 under 42.

Adam Pope's latest blog post:

Setting a default image when using Cloudinary and CarrierWave in Rails

Cloudinary lets you specify a default_image parameter when using the cl_image_tag, along with all of your transformations, to provide a fallback image if one has not been uploaded.  If, however, you are using CarrierWave, you’ll likely want to define your transformations and the fallback image just once in your Uploader class. The Cloudinary docs give loads Read More »