Guest Post

Guest Post: Building a Business from a Backpack

Have you ever considered starting your own business, or giving up your day job and going traveling for a while? There is no reason you can’t do both and it can be much easier to get started than you think. This article covers how to mix business and pleasure as much as possible to have an interesting mobile working life and not stare at the same wall every day.

The Storm team asked me to put together some thoughts and advice for how this can be done, as I have started a successful business which is turning a profit in the first year. I started working for it the first day I touched down in the States, and a year later I have settled down up north – but it was one hell of a time and I was technically homeless for most of it.
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Guest Post: The Art of forming the Start-Up team

Its easy coming up with ideas. It’s harder trying to develop that idea through to launch.

The team at Storm asked me to put down some thoughts on start-up teams since they thought the way we have formed the founding team at Bardowl was a good example. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

If there is one take-away from this post (if you can’t bear to read the whole thing) then it’s a general bit of advice about starting a business that applies really well when forming the start-up team: Talk about your new business idea to everyone you meet.
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