A Consultancy Service With A Difference...


What Is It?

Planning your success online can be a daunting task - you have that winning idea for a website or e-business but aren't sure what step to take next.

If you're about to spend many thousands of pounds on the web, why not spend the first £85 speaking to a seasoned expert before making that big leap. We'll make sure you'll be spending your money wisely and offer clear, simple advice that will give your project the start it needs.


Is It Right For Me?

The Storm consultancy service is aimed at giving smaller businesses an opportunity to discuss their project(s) with a seasoned, yet friendly web strategist.

So if you're anything less than utterly confident in your planning and mastery of the internet, then yes - the Storm consultancy service right for you.

We're here to help with anything you'd like to discuss.


Who Do I Speak To?

You're most likely to speak to Dave Kelly, our resident internet strategist and business guru. With 3 startups and a plethora of websites under his belt he's there to help you build a bridge between your idea and the realities of web.

You can bounce ideas off him, plan with him and most importantly get feedback, ideas and advice from a consultant with a proven track record. Why not check out what past clients have said below?

What Clients Said

  • Storm have become an indispensable part of the team. A huge boost to the progress and profitability of our business. Lisa Banks, Access Training
  • Storm's insightful analysis into the mechanics of our website has proven vital in creating a focused roadmap for future success. Brett Edgecombe, 101 Data Solutions

Ready to book?

Our consultancy service is £85 for a 40 minute session.

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